Wine Dinner at Le Petit Bistro

You’re in for a treat. Join us for a wonderful, authentic French meal paired with Byington wines at Owner/Chef Jean-Michel Peuvrelle’s Le Petit Bistro in Mountain View. Enjoy this opportunity to mix and mingle with other Byington enthusiasts. And connect with Byington owner, Benny Madsen, and Vince Robledo, our Director of Sales and Certified Sommelier. (Vince also manages our Wine Club and works closely with our Wine Maker Andrew Brenkwitz.)



More on Le Petit Bistro

It’s old-school but not outmoded, with an exacting code of beliefs that owner/chef Jean-Michel Peuvrelle has carried with him throughout his life. Born in Pas-de-Calais in the northern tip of France, Peuvrelle is the son of a charcutier (butcher). He apprenticed in Strasbourg while earning a degree in accounting. “It takes more more than being a good chef to run a restaurant,” Peuvrelle said. His family relocated, first to Dallas, then to the Bay Area where they owned four different French restaurants from 1976 to 1989. When his parents retired, Jean-Michel opened his own restaurant. Now in his 24th year at Le Petit Bistro, Peuvrelle still cooks the old-fashioned way, six days per week. Veal, duck and fish stocks, made fresh daily, simmer for up to six hours; complex sauces are born, tasted, adjusted and allowed to marry in well-seasoned pots for hours.